Our long term Spanish classes in London started last week!

The Elementary 3 long term Spanish classes in London takes place on Monday.

For the first class teachers always plan a revision of some contents previously learnt.

It is good to go through them and practice after a break!

After the initial revision, the course is focused on the Present Perfect Continuous, the Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns and the Indefinite Past.

Quite a challenging course!

So what did students do last week?

Before moving on, they revised the Present Tense of different verbs: regular, irregular and reflexive.

It was a great lesson to come up with some questions!

Then they read a text written on a postcard and analysed all the verbs.

At the end of this activity they were ready to write their postcard to a friend!

This writing activity was a good opportunity to use the Present Tense of all the group of verbs revised.

Then students talked about their holidays, especially what they do and like when they are away.

What were the main difficulties about the Present Tense?

Well, first of all the conjugation: remembering all the forms is quite challenging!

Also, they asked some questions about reflexive verbs, which are quite difficult to identify.

Another questions was about the verb “gustar” and its structure, which is different from most verbs.

Now our students are ready for the next topic!

Why don’t you join them?

You can still register for this course and revise the contents using our online resources!