Long term Spanish classes in London are waiting for you!

If you want to take long term Spanish classes in London at Intermediate level, we have different options for you.

Depending of how long you have studied for and the contents you learnt, you can choose among three courses.

At Happy Languages, the Intermediate level is split into Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Intermediate 3.

All the courses take place in the evening, from 7pm to 8.30pm in our new location, just a few steps from Aldgate Station.

Let’s go through all these options!

First of all is good to know that each course starts with a revision of previous contents to consolidate them and do some useful practice.

If you have studied Spanish for around 90 hours, we suggest to take the Intermediate 1 course.

This course is focused on Present Perfect, Simple Past and Imperfect Past.

Each topic is spread over 2-3 lessons in order to practice it thoroughly and go through all the different uses.

In the Intermediate 2 course, which is recommended if you have studied Spanish for around 105 hours, you start revising the contents of the Intermediate 1.

Then you study Verbal Periphrasis, Simple Future and Simple Conditional practicing them with nice activities, fun role plays and conversation with your classmates and teacher.

If you have studied for around 120 hours, the right course for you is the Intermediate 3.

You start studying the Pluscuamperfecto and practice describing some famous people’s life and some historic facts.

Furhtermore, you will compare historic periods and past experiences.

Then you will work on all the past tenses learnt and their different combinations and practice talking about your personal experiences.

Not sure about the right course for you?

We are happy to help you, just contact us!

And don’t forget that you can use our amazing online resources and watch some video tutorials on our Youtube Channel!