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Matteo Cavezzali is an Italian author who already won two important book prizes in 2019 with his first book (Premio Comisso e il Premio Volponi Opera Prima/Premio Stefano Tassinari). His peculiar interest for unique personalities led him to deepen his research about them, discover more about their times and tell their intriguing stories.

For example his first book, Icarus. Ascesa e caduta di Raul Gardini, is built around the story of a man who led a financial giant challenging the whole world with his ideas and intuitions and died in unclear circumstances. “Nero d’inferno” tells the story of Mario Buda, an anarchist who in the US is considered the first modern terrorist since he was involved in the Wall Street bombing in 1920. Beyond investigative journalism, Cavezzali offers a new perspective about the protagonists going beyond the investigation and trying to find out the human side of their stories.

In 2021 he published two amazing books!

Supercamper. Un viaggio nella saggezza del mondo was a fantastic book to read, especially considering the period when it was published: during the pandemic, when people couldn’t travel very easily, this book was a breath of fresh air! Through his memories, Cavezzali makes you travel with him, in different countries and living many adventures, always ready to surprise you with a personal experience linked to the old caravan used with his family to travel around when he was a child.

And a few months ago, he published A morte il tiranno: ten stories of men and women who killed (or tried to kill) a tyrant. Once again, the historical background is perfectly reconstructed and the characters just unforgettable.

Curious about what we are going to ask Matteo Cavezzali?

We will talk about his books and go through his experience as artistic director of important literary festivals in Italy, especially about the one he created in his city, Ravenna, called ScrittuRa. Moreover, we will ask him advice about authors and books for Italian students!

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