How are people celebrating May Day 2020 in Italy?

May Day 2020 will be different from what we are used to.

In Italy, May Day is an important national holiday.

It’s the so called Festa dei Lavoratori (workers celebration) because it celebrates the several fights that took place worldwide to achieve the essential job rights.

People normally gather for some amazing events and spend time with family and friends.

However, this year the celebration will be very different.

Due to the current Coronavirus emergency, it won’t be possible to enjoy it as usual.

But there are some fantastic online events!

It might feel tough, but the opportunity to join online events is great!

It’s just a different way to celebrate such an important day and make the most of it.

People will enjoy May Day staying at home and choosing some live events on the Internet.

So what’s on?

The most important event is the massive concert that takes place every year in Rome, the popular Concerto del Primo Maggio.

Normally people go to piazza San Giovanni since early morning to get close to the stage.

The concert starts in the early afternoon and goes on until very late.

This year you can watch the “concertone” from your sofa: the artistic director organised a live concert broadcasted by Rai 3 and Rai Radio 2 from 8pm tp 12am!

So if you want to enjoy some great Italian music, don’t miss this amazing event!

And there is even more!

If you like opera, you can watch a live concert from the teatro del Maggio in Florence at 9pm.

Also, if you are interested in the job rights and safety on workplace, the main trade unions will talk about that online through their Facebook pages.

Even if it will taste different, people will be happy to remember the importance of this day and enjoy it waiting for better days to come.

Happy May Day!