What do you know about May Day?

In a large part of the world, on May 1 people celebrate the International Worker’s Day in memory of the unions fights for the workers’ rights.

But why in this day?

During the Second International congress in Paris, in 1889, the delegates decided that May 1 would be the international day to celebrate the social and economical conquests of the labor unions.

They chose this day because, three years before in Chicago there had been a huge strike of workers from May 1 to May 4.

The police, on May 3, shooted on people demonstrators, killing two people and injuring several protesters.

The day after the anarchists organised a demonstration to support workers, in Haymarket Square.

During the protest someone threw a bomb on a group of police officers, killing one of them. The police started shooting on people, killing not only civilians, but also their colleagues.

No one knows who threw the bomb, but 7 anarchists were arrested and punished with a death sentence.

Let’s see how people celebrate May 1 in different countries!

In Germany during the demonstrations people wear a carnation flower, as symbol of the memory of fights.

In Italy there are great demonstrations all over the country, but the most important event takes place in Roma: the “Concerto del Primo Maggio” (May Day’s Concert). Every year italian artists sing all day. And if you can’t go to Roma, you can watch it on TV!

In France huge demonstrations take place in the main cities. Traditionally people give away lilies of the valley as symbol of the spring and luck.

In Finland it is a students celebration: in this day they meet their family and friends and usually wear a white hat with the black peak: the “lakki“.

Interestingly in the USA people haven’t celebrated this day until 2006. Now they do, but it is the day of the fight for immigrants’ rights…which nowadays seems appropriate!

And you, how do you usually celebrate May Day?