Are you an Italian food lover?

Do you want to know more about Italian products?

So the Mercato Metropolitano is definitely worth a visit!

The Mercato Metropolitano was born in Italy from an idea of the entrepreneur Andrea Rasca: it opened in Milan near Porta Genova in May 2015 during the Expo and it remained open for 6 months.

In December 2015 it was launched in Turin, near the station of Porta Susa.

The idea is to set the market in metropolitan areas to be redeveloped and to encourage small producers and farmers against the big companies’ monopoly.

So what about the London’s Mercato Metropolitano?

It opened in June 2016 near Elephant and Castle (42 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6DR) in a disused paper factory owned by Peabody. It is open Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 11pm, and Sunday 10am – 9pm.

As you get in you find the food market, plenty of amazing Italian delicatessen: high quality, mostly organic products straight from Italy.

Then you can discover the street food section, with many food stands from different Italian regions.

Here you can try some specialities, drink a glass of wine at the enoteca or an awesome beer at the alehouse, or eat a great Italian ice cream.

In this part of the Mercato there is also a little fruit and vegetable shop which sells only seasonal organic products. You can buy one of their bags visiting their website ( and they will deliver it directly to your home!

In the market you can enjoy music events and art exhibitions or watch a movie in the cinema room.

Besides, you can take part in classes about several topics as environment, food and how to prepare different Italian recipes or how to read the ingredients of a product.

They use rycicled materials for all their activities as a very important aspect at the Mercato is sustainability.

We bet now you are very curious about this fantastic market…So what are you waiting for? Enjoy it!