Wednesday, March 12th, Bologna opens its doors to the Spanish writer Inma Chacón, invited by Hispania association.

Happy Languages will be there as commercial partner, and with our collaborator Francesca Costante as one of the speakers.

Inma Chacón is professor of Documentation at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. She started writing after the death of her sister, Dulce Chacón, to realize a project she couldn’t develop before her death.

Her first novel was La princesa india, an adventure story that brings to life the chronicles of the Indies, accompanied by an Aztec woman with mysterious powers and a captain of Hernán Cortés army.


2007 is the year of Las Filipinianas, an history novel that takes us in the difficult periodin which Spain lost its colonies. This is a novel marked by three sisters trip to Manila,driven by their father’s dream of improvement and freedom. Their history will continue in 2011’s novel Tiempo de Arena, the runner-up in the Premio Planeta 2011, Spain’s most prestigious prize for fiction. In this novel, Inma Chacón comes to the topic of the niños robados, which will be central in her latest novel, Mientras pueda pensarte (2013).

Mientras pueda pensarte is the of mutual seeking of a mother and her son, separated at birth, victims of an illegal adoption market.

In 2011 Inma Chacón also published Nick,an adolescent novel that makes us reflect to the pros and cons of social networking.

But Inma Chacón is a poet, too. She wrote three poems collection: Alas (2006), Urdimbres (2007) and Antología de la herida (2011). Happy Languages is too proud to participate to this important event, and thanks Hispania to give us the possibility to help their to realize this project.

This event also signs the new collaboration with Hispania, that will be the site of the Bolognese stage of our Seminario per insegnanti di italiano L2/LS that will takes place in July, 25th .

Thanks to Hispania and thanks to Inma Chacón to share with us her amazing literary works!