Now that summer is coming, you may want to go to a sunny and warm beach. Why not going to ones of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, in Italy, so that you can also practise your Italian?
As you know, the South of Italy is famous for its wonderful beaches, that leave many people, tourist and not, speechless. You can be pretty sure that whichever beach you plan to go in Sardegna, Sicilia, Calabria and Puglia, you will find an amazing place to sunbath and have long and unforgettable bathes.

Let’s go deeper into a list of the most beautiful Italian beaches that you can visit from May until the end of September without sufferig for cold or bad weather and where you can easily find an accommodation.


Sardegna is very well known for its costs, especially the northern and the isles. The North of the island is where the Italian most posh and VIPs spend their holidays, in places like Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo and Golfo Aranci and the Island of La Maddalena.

This is why your holiday could be a little expensive, but you won’t regret the money spent when you’ll see the amazing, long white sanded beaches. In those small towns you will also be able to have great night-outs and aperitivo among the Italian celebrities and the most fancy ones.

If you want to avoid the most crowded places, you can go to Cala Goloritze (which is listed between the 5 most beautiful of the country), in the estern coast. The South of Sardegna is fantastic as well; places such as Villasimius, Sant’Antioco and Carlo Forte will take your breath away.


Sicilia puts together beautiful beaches with incredible and characteristic villages. In the capital borough of Palermo, few minutes away from the city centre, you will find Mondello, a white sanded beach long 1,5 km, with a crystal blue sea. A good compromise if you don’t want to renounce to the city life but you still want to enjoy a nice sunbathing.

Taormina is a very famous corner of Sicily among Italians; following amazing cliffs which alternate with beautiful coves, you will reach the town centre, where you will be able to enjoy concerts and performances in the ancient open-space theatre, which dates back to the Hellenic period.

Milazzo, Cefalù, and generally the entire northern and eastern coast is a place where you could spend an amazing beach holiday, as well as the islands of Favignana and Marettimo in the west.


If you prefer to go to Calabria, you have several choices too. Close to the capital borough of Reggio Calabria, you can find the small town full of good fish restaurants of Scilla with its wonderful beach: due to its position close to Sicilia, in the Greek mythology was said that a water monster lived in that city, opposite to its counterpart Charybdis; the sides of the strait are so close that the legend says that sailors passing the channel wouldn’t be able to avoid one of the two monsters: this myth is present in the Odyssey and in the Divina Commedia as well.

A little bit more northern than Scilla, you can find Capo Vaticano and Tropea, very well known holiday destinations among Italians. Other good beaches in Calabria where you could go are Diamante, Capo Rizzuto and Amantea.


Puglia is the latest “must” among the young generations in Italy, as Salento is an affordable and very beautiful place where to spend the holidays, full of amazing and long beaches, restaurants, pubs and discos. If you don’t want to stay among music and crowds, then, we recommend you to avoid the period of July and August, even if it is a peculiar way to spend your holidays with the “real” Italians in their “environment”.

Italian Holidays

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