This Sunday is Mother’s Day!

If you haven’t thought about how to celebrate Mother’s Day, well…it’s time to plan something unforgettable!

If you are thinking that the pandemic will affect your celebrations, don’t worry: despite the current lockdown, it’s possible to celebrate your mum in ways that you might have never considered before.

Even if you live far from her and you won’t be able to see her due to the travel restrictions, you will find a fantastic way to make her feel your love.

So let’s see how to surprise your mum!

Send a breakfast delivery.

There is no better way to start a day than having your favourite breakfast delivered at home: either if you can or can’t see your mum, booking a lovely breakfast is a great idea!

Make sure that she will get everything she likes and set a nice table or, alternatively, ask your family’s help to do that.

Buy a special gift.

Receiving a gift is always nice, especially if you unwrap something that you really like: what about a cocktail-making kit to enjoy preparing a good drink? Or some beauty treats so that she can spend an afternoon just pampering herself?

Depending on her tastes you can really make her happy!

How to celebrate mother's day 2021

Bake a cake.

This year instead of buying a cake you can make one for your mum: think of what’s her favourite cake, grab the ingredients and be creative!

If you live close enough but can’t see your mum due to the lockdown, you might want to deliver it yourself leaving it in a beautiful box outside your mum’s door. Fantastic idea!

Plan a picnic.

Nice weather this weekend? It’s picnic time!

Prepare some of your mum’s favourite food, take a blanket and some essential things you will need and go to the closest park to enjoy the sun!

And if this is not possible due to the rules in place, your garden will be the perfect place for a picnic!

Take a class together.

Spending some quality time with family is amazing! Why don’t you sign up for a class with your mum?

You can choose the type of activity depending on her preference: a cooking class or a paint class are both a great chance to have fun!

And if you live far away, no problems! There are many online classes to join from home, so even if you are physically distant, you will have the opportunity to do this experience together.

So, what are you planning for Mother’s Day?


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