Are you looking for new skills to learn online?

While working from home you can find amazing new skills to learn online.

It’s a fantastic way to make the most of your time!

You can take free courses, access free resources or choose some at different costs depending on your preference.

The amazing thing is that you can really improve yourself from your cosy home, either if you need to acquire specific skills for work or for fun.

This is our top 5 skills you can learn online!

Photography. If you passionate about photography but you have never had enough time to take a course, now you can improve your skills online.

The Photography Institute offers online courses directed by some of the best photographers in their field.

Photoshop. If you have always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop, this could be the right time to start an online course!

There is quite a wide choice of online resources, tutorials and videos you can use from beginner to advanced level.

Digital Marketing. Why don’t you master the essential tools of digital marketing?

If you need this skill to boost your career or change your job, this is the right time!

You can take an online certification from the Digital Marketing Institute!

Excel. Have you been thinking of improving your Excel skills for data analysis?

Datamonkey is a useful website to get started thanks to its learning by doing approach!

And, of course, you can acquire new language skills signing up to an online course.

Have a look at our Italian Evening Courses and Spanish Evening Courses starting from the 6th July!

It would be a great way to start your learning journey!


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