As 2022 has just started, what’s your new year language resolution?

If you are passionate about languages, we bet your new year language resolution is already set! A lot of people start the year with clear language goals to be pursued month after month. Obviously motivations can vary quite a lot, so it’s important to focus on what you want to achieve and what’s the best way to succeed.

Either if you have been studying a language for a while or you want to start soon, here you can find some steps to take in order to improve and have fun!

Have a look at our 5 tips!

1 Take a group course or individual lessons

First of all, if you want to reach your goal it’s important to commit to some language classes: either if you prefer studying in a group or individually, a well structured learning plan is essential to progress.

2 Join language meet-ups

Learning a language has to be fun! Language meet-ups are perfect occasions to practise the language while meeting new people and spending some time together, helping each other and using the language you are studying.

3 Discover new podcasts

Podcasts are getting more and more popular: nowadays you can find some good podcasts about various topic and also choose some specifically made for students. The quality is really good and you will definitely enjoy listening to them on your way to work or when you have a break!

useful tips for your new year language resolution

4 Try a language exchange

Finding a partner for a language exchange is a great idea! You would have the opportunity to speak the language with native speakers and, in return, help them speak your own language, both online or face-to-face.

5 Take part in cultural events

Languages are tightly related to the culture of the countries where they are spoken: taking part in cultural events, exhibitions, cooking classes or whatever makes you discover what’s behind the language you love is an incredible experience!

Your learning journey will be amazing!


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