It’s time to learn some New Year Wishes in Spanish!

If you want to send your New Year Wishes in Spanish this year, there are a lot of lovely phrases to use.

Your Spanish speaking family members or friends will appreciate the effort and be very happy to receive a message or a card in Spanish! You can also learn the simplest ways to wish a fantastic New Year and memorise them for the 1st January at midnight, when you will call your beloved ones and wish them the best.

And if you are learning Spanish, it’s a great way to expand your vocabulary and learn something new.

New Year Wishes In Spanish

These are very common wishes, have a look!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! –> Happy New year!

¡Muchas felicidades por el año nuevo! –> Best wishes for the New Year!

¡Que tengas un próspero año! –> I hope you have a prosperous New Year!

¡En el Año Nuevo mucha alegría y felicidad! –> Joy and happiness for the New Year!

Este año te deseo amor, dinero y salud. –> This year I wish you love, money and good health.

¡Que Dios te bendiga este Año Nuevo! –> God bless you this New Year!

¡Que los Reyes te protejan! –> May the Three Kings protect you!

¡Mis mejores deseos para el Año Nuevo! –> My best wishes for the New Year!

¡Que este año que llega esté lleno de bendiciones! –> May the coming New Year bring you blessings!

We have wishes for any tastes, you only need to pick the best cards and write your favourite phrases on them.

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¡Feliz año nuevo a todos!


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