Have you heard someone saying “No hay color”?

No hay color” is a common Spanish idiom used in the spoken language.

As for many other idiomatic expressions, its effect is to brighten the conversation up and stress our point of view.

We do believe that learning this kind of expressions really makes the difference.

So we always try to include some idioms in a Spanish language course depending on the student’s level.

It is always great to get familiar with them!

No hay color” is a simple idiom students love to use in conversation.

Literally it means “there is no colour” but that is not the real meaning of the sentence.

In face, the English equivalent would be “there is no comparison”.

Therefore we can use it when there is an undeniable difference between two things or situations so that we can’t even compare them.

Go through the examples!

Spanish English
Mi coche es mucho más rápido que el tuyo. ¡No hay color!  My car is faster than yours. There is no comparison!
Los pones uno al lado del otro y no hay color. If I put them next to each other there is no comparison.
Pensaba que tenía mala suerte, pero tras conocer su problemas, no hay color.  I thought I was unlucky, but after getting to know her problems there is no comparison.


Now, think of how you could use this expression!

Once you start making sentences, using it will get easier and easier.

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