No importar un pimiento is a nice Spanish idiom you should learn!

If you have already heard some using the expression “No importar un pimiento“, you might have guessed its meaning from the context.

Normally we use it when we want to say that we don’t care about something.

However, the literal translation might be misleading, as “importar” means “to matter”, but “pimiento” means “pepper”!

In Spanish it’s quite common to find idioms with food and this is a good example of that category of expressions.

So the best thing to do is learning the meaning of this idiomatic expression as a whole.

A similar informal way to say in English is “do not give a monkey about something”.

Some examples will clarify how to use this idiom!

Spanish English
Te digo que todo esto me importa un pimiento. I tell you that I don’t give a monkey about all this.
A vosotros no os importa un pimiento a qué me dedico. You don’t care about what I do.
No les importa un pimiento la nacionalidad, religión o cualquier otra cosa. They dont’ give a monkey about nationality, religion or anything else.


These examples are very useful to understand how to use this idiom in conversation.

It’s such a common expression!

Now think of some examples and try to write them down!

And if you are curious about other Spanish idioms, you can learn some more having a look at our Pinterest board or browsing through our online resources.

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