No pegar ojo” is a lovely Spanish idiom: do you know it?

We do love Spanish idiomatic expressions and “no pegar ojo” is a really lovely one!

When you learn a language, one of the most difficult things to go through are idioms: sometimes the meaning is really hard to catch if you just translate them.

So the only way to understand idioms is learning them one by one and using them as much as possible in conversation in order to feel more confident with them.

You can start with expressions that you find more familiar, for example idioms that you use in your own language and then take the challenge of totally new ones.

So let’s discover this new idiom!

If you can’t sleep at night, you have just found the perfect expression: “no pegar ojo” means that you are not able to sleep.

In English you might say “do not sleep a wink”, which has a very similar meaning.

So either if you suffer from insomnia or if you did not sleep because you were worried about something, this expression works for you!

Some examples will help understand it!

Spanish English
Las dos con sueño, pero con un nerviosismo que nos impidió pegar ojo. Both of us were sleepy but too nervous to sleep.
Estaba tan preocupado por el examen que no pegué ojo en toda la noche. He was so worried for the exam that he didn’t sleep a wink all night.
Yo no pegaba ojo desde muchos días atrás.  I didn’t sleep a wink for many days.


As you can see, we use this expression in very common sentences, so its a really good one!

The best way to learn it is making more examples: when was the last time that you counld’t sleep? Try to tell what happened!

And if you are interested in other idioms, have a look at our Pinterest board or go through our online resources!

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