No tener ni pies ni cabeza is a good Spanish idiom to learn!

If you hear “No tener ni pies ni cabeza” you might be a bit confused as the meaning is not very straightforward.

Sometimes idiomatic expressions need a bit of interpretation: a literal translation is not enough to explain what they really mean.

In this case, if you translate word by word the result is “to have neither feet nor head”: if you go a bit further, it means that something makes no sense at all, is totally illogical or absurd.

In English you might use the expression “to be without rhyme or reason”, which is quite similar.

Some examples will help you understand how to use it!

Spanish English
Ésta situación no tiene ni pies ni cabeza. This situation doesn’t make sense.
La idea de Ana no tenía ni pies ni cabeza. Ana’s idea was without rhyme or reason.
Lo que has dicho no tiene ni pies ni cabeza. What you said makes no sense at all.


As you can see using this expression is not difficult at all!

Why don’t you try and make some more examples?

It would be a great way to start using this idiom!

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