Nochevieja in Spain is a magic time of the year.

As you probably know, Nochevieja is the New Year’s Eve in Spanish. It literally means “old night” and it is celebrated with a number of traditions and superstitions that are believed to bring luck.

On the 31st December and 1st January, every year people keep old traditions alive in order to make sure that the new year will be a good one.

Let’s see some of them to celebrate like Spanish do!

Red underwear.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to find love, be aware that Cupid will help you only if you wear red underwear! Some believe that it will work only if it is a gift, others if you give it away before the night ends.

12 grapes.

Everyone in Spain have 12 grapes at hand to eat them at midnight. The important thing is to eat one grape at each stroke of midnight.

That is why supermarkets sell little boxes containing 12 grapes ready to be eaten wherever you are! Watch this lovely video in Spanish about this tradition.



First thing to do at midnight after eating grapes is the toast with a good Cava (a great Spanish sparkling wine).

And, if you want much prosperity in the year to come, drop a golden object in the glass before the toast! Otherwise, if you are waiting for love, drop in a red fruit.

Right foot.

In Spain, after midnight, it is essential to take the first step with the right foot, whatever you do. So be careful when you step down from the dinner table or when you step into your house: make sure that you do that with the right foot!

Lentil soup.

After all the celebrations of Nochevieja, there is one more unmissable tradition: the lentil soup for lunch on the New Year’s Day. It is a tasty soup made with lentils and chorizo: lentils are believed to bring prosperity as they look like small coins.

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