Who knows something about Italian music and its most famous songwriters can surely recognise the voice of Franco Battiato, whose mystical and original songs has become a significant brick in the wall of the Italian music story.

Francesco “Franco” Battiato was born on the 23rd March 1945 in Riposto, Sicily, and at the age of 22 moved to Milan after he won his first musical contract. From 1971 he devoted his career to the experimental electronic music creating his first LPs, unknown at that time. After collaborating with some pop/electronic groups his fame increased more and more , also thanks to the creation of some international songs like L’era del cinghiale bianco, Patriots, Centro di gravita’ permanente, Bandiera bianca and Voglio vederti danzare. These tracks have become his masterpieces, in particular because of its deep background hidden behind his texts. The esoteric theme recurs in his songs, as well as the politic theme; some of them are like reports of his journeys far away, and the results of deep philosophical thoughts.

His love songs are also some of the most romantic of all time, for example “ E ti vengo a cercare” , included in his best seller album Fisiognomica (1888), and “La cura”,which are all about what a perfect man could say to a woman, songs that every Italian lover would listen.

In addition to this, he has been also able to write and produce songs in different languages, French, English ( his accent is really funny), Spanish, Arabic , as well as in his native dialect, the Sicilian. This point of its career can make us understand his relation with music, and how is linked to the theme of journey and the discovery of new people and cultures.

In 1999 his album Fleurs came out, a collection of Italian and French singers’ covers, which suddenly became well known and popular, thanks to the authenticity of its interpretation. One of its best tracks is “La canzone dei vecchi amanti”, cover of the French song “La chanson de vieux amants” of Jacques Brel.

Battiato is not only a song-writer but also a film-maker and an artist as he produced and created five movies he also painted several beautiful paintings, which have recently been exhibited all around Italy.

Despite of his age (he’s 70) he still fills the most famous squares and theatres of Italy, fascinating everybody with its unique voice and performances.