Ready for your One-to-One Spanish Lessons in London?

Even during the quarantine, our One-to-One Spanish Lessons in London carry on!

Since the emergency started, we moved all our lessons on the online platform Zoom.

Therefore it si very easy to take some individual lessons while you are at home!

How do they work?

Online one-to-one tuitions work exactly as face to face lessons.

You can choose among different options in terms of number of lessons and length of each session.

Have a look at what we offer here.

You will plan your course with your teacher and lessons will be structured depending on your level and goals.

So after the first lesson, your tutor will be able to choose the best materials to make you progress quickly.

And once you start, it will be more and more motivating!

How does Zoom work?

Zoom is an online platform very easy to use.

A few minute before the lesson, you teacher will send you an invitation via email.

Clicking on the link, you automatically access the virtual class.

You can see your teacher, write in the chat, send and receive files.

Also, you can share your screen and use a whiteboard for many activities.

It’s really nice to use!

Therefore you will be able to do every activity planned with your tutor, included games and listenings.

Sounds good!

Ready to start?