Why choose an online Italian class?

Taking your online Italian class at home after work is such a nice way to finish your day!

During this period, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, most people have been working from home and habits have totally changed.

Despite the difficulties, we believe that keeping active is essential and learning your favourite language is a fantastic thing to do and have fun!

So the 18th week online has come to an end and all our students have done amazing things!

Let’s find out more!

Beginner 2. Focusing on the agreement between noun and adjective might be a tough job, but our students practised with lovely games and activities and talked about their favourite cities in Italy!

Beginner 3. Reflexive verbs are the challenge faced by our students: through some nice activities they started using verbs such as svegliarsi and vestirsi. Well done!

Elementary 1. Our lesson was about the difference between Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto and how to use them in different contexts. Students also read an interesting interview with Natalia Ginzburg about her childhood and then talked about their experience at school.

Intermediate 1. Our students enjoyed a lovely article about a small Sicilian village and then talked about Italian regions and their features. It was fun!

Intermediate 3. During the last lesson, we studied the Passive Form with venire and discovered amazing artistic parks around Italy, where nature and art merge into each other.

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