Are you enjoying your online Italian classes?

At Happy Languages all our online Italian classes are great fun!

After 16 weeks online, we are now used to the experience of delivering our lessons on Zoom, which is the platform we chose. Mainly because it is popular and easy to use for new starters.

As usual, we plan them carefully in order to offer a variety of activities and make students work in different ways.

So they go through individual tasks but they also work in couples and small groups to practise. This is really important to consolidate their knowledge and have fun together!

The summer term started three weeks ago and our students have been learning so much since then! It’s amazing how much ground has been covered and how they’ve been able to improve their Italian in a short space of time.

Let’s see what they did in their last lesson!

Beginner 2. Booking a room in a hotel is a big challenge: our students learnt how to manage a conversation with the receptionist using the right words and asking some useful information!

Beginner 3. Going grocery shopping was the aim of this lesson: students learnt a lot of food vocabulary and had fun with role play!

Elementary 1. It’s time to study a new tense! Last Thursday our lesson was focused on the Imperfetto and a lot of practice talking about childhood.

Intermediate 1. Our students talked about the difficulties of living in a big city and studied the Condizionale Passato to express actions that could have happened but actually didn’t.

Intermediate 3. Have you ever slept in a lighthouse on holiday? Our students went through some unusual places to stay on holiday and learnt the impersonal form of Reflexive Verbs.

And after the weekend we will be ready for another fantastic week!

In the meantime, check our online resources!