Ready to start an online Italian course from September?

If you have never studied Italian before, the right online Italian course would be a Beginner 1.

This course is perfect for all those who start learning Italian from scratch and need to focus on the basics.

Our Italian Beginner 1 will start from the 21st September and take place on Zoom every Monday from 7pm to 8.30pm for 10 weeks.

What are the main contents?

Starting from the very beginning means learning how to greet someone depending on the situation, introduce yourself and introduce a friend.

Also, you will learn how to ask and give personal information, such as age, city and telephone number.

And another important thing will be ordering in a bar and in a restaurant in Italian, expressing tastes and preferences.

You will study some basic grammar topics: personal pronouns, present tense of some regular and irregular verbs, definite and indefinite articles, nouns.

These topics are essential to be able to communicate in everyday situations!

Each lesson you will also expand your vocabulary and enjoy some fun activities and games.

online italian course

How do online lessons work?

It’s very easy! Every Monday you will receive an invitation via email to join the class around 10 minutes before it starts.

By opening the link you will automatically be redirected to the Zoom meeting and will be able to enter the virtual classroom.

There you will meet your classmates and teachers and the lesson will start!

Zoom is a fantastic platform as its functions allow students to do exactly the same activities they do in face-to-face lessons.

So you will work in pairs, in groups, play games, listen to conversations in Italian…it will be so exciting!

You teacher will always be there to help you and support you, and will give you homework to do between classes.

So, don’t wait any longer and register for your course!

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