Our summer term online Italian courses have just come to an end!

After seven intense weeks and a lot of fun, our online Italian courses finished and our students can enjoy a little break.

The last week has also been our 20th week online since the Covid-19 emergency started!

After we moved our courses on Zoom in March, we have continued with virtual sessions, constantly learning and enjoying our lessons together.

It’s been really a great journey so far!

So let’s go through all the Italian courses and find out what we studied.

Beginner 2. Asking and giving directions has never been so much fun: our students put into practice what they learnt with the real map of Naples city centre! Amazing!

Beginner 3. After studying the Passato Prossimo, students went through a thorough revision with lovely activities and games, really nice!

Elementary 1. The lesson was focused on a good revision of the main topics studied: students practised comparatives, superlatives, Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto. They had the chance to work together and ask questions to clarify some doubts. Well done!

Intermediate 1. Talking about stereotypes is always funny and our students compared habits, behaviours and social rules between their countries, practising the Congiuntivo Presente and Congiuntivo Passato. Great!

Intermediate 3. Our students talked about Italian books and authors famous abroad, expressing their tastes and explaining what they find more interesting to read. Fantastic!

During the break, we strongly recommend to keep practising as much as possible.

Ready for the next level?