Do you want to make your online Italian learning more effective?

You can find amazing online Italian learning resources to improve your language skills during your free time.

For example, you can focus on expanding your vocabulary! Reading, listening, watching movies can be a good way to pick new words and learn how to use them.

If you do that, remember to focus on a limited number of new words at a time: adding too many new words to your vocabulary might be useless, so it’s better to select one word and work on it!

A great thing would be learning this word of the week: “quarantena”.

You might have heard this word as it’s been one of the most common over the last year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quarantena” is a noun and, as you can see, it’s very similar to the English “quarantine”.

Originally it referred to a forty day period: forty in Italian is “quaranta“, this is why it’s called “quarantena“.

For example we say:

fare la quarantena –> to do a quarantine

mettere in quarantena –> to quarantine someone

quarantena forzata –> enforced quarantine

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Go through these sentences!

Italian English
Le persone che sono state in contatto diretto con un malato devono fare la quarantena. People who have been in direct contact with a sick person have to quarantine.
Appena Piero ha avuto i primi sintomi, il dottore lo ha messo in quarantena. As soon as Piero got the first symptoms, the doctor quarantined him.
Il Primo Ministro oggi pomeriggio annuncerà la quarantena forzata per chi arriva nel Paese. The Prime Minister this afternoon will announce the enforced quarantine for those who arrive in the Country.


Considering the exposure that we have to this topic, it will be very easy to use this word in everyday conversation.

Start thinking of some examples and write them down to do some practice!


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