Nowadays we have tons of online Italian resources to learn!

Using online Italian apps or different resources is really great to commit to a daily routine and improve your skills.

Why don’t you try to learn new words to use in everyday conversation so you can improve your Italian?

Taking inspiration from the most common and popular words of the moment is a great practice because it gives you something relevant to say and provides many examples of the word in use.

Considering how the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences have affected us, let’s start from a word that you have read hundreds of times in the past few months.

Our word of the week is “vaccino“!

Vaccino” means vaccine and has an interesting etymology: the first literal meaning of the word is “of a cow” because the first vaccine was made from cows.

That vaccine was against smallpox and was discovered in the 18th century in England.

online Italian resources to learn

Let’s see how to use this word in Italian!

Fare il vaccino –> to get vaccinated / to have a jab

Il vaccino contro il Coronavirus –> The vaccine against Coronavirus

Le dosi di vaccino –> The doses of vaccine

Iniettare il vaccino –> To inject the vaccine

And now some examples!

Italian English
Vorrei essere la prima persona a fare il vaccino contro il Coronavirus! I’d like to be the first person to get vaccinated against Coronavirus!
Tutti i Paesi hanno ricevuto molte dosi di vaccino. All countries received many doses of vaccine.
Oggi il medico ha iniettato le prime dosi di vaccino ai suoi pazienti. Today the doctor injected the first doses of vaccine to his patients.


Using this word is quite easy and these simple expressions will help you talk about this topic and understand news and TV programmes.

It will allow you to take part in conversations and say your opinion about the latest debates.

Word by word, your vocabulary will grow exponentially!

If you have some time and want to improve your Italian, don’t forget to check our online resources!

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