Why did we choose to continue with online language classes?

Our Italian and Spanish online language classes started in March, just before the national lockdown due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Since then, we regularly run Italian and Spanish lessons via Zoom: a new way to have class that our students enjoyed a lot, despite the obvious differences in setting and mode.

After tough months, the lockdown has now been eased, although there are still some measures in place, such as wearing face coverings in a number of places, respecting social distancing and avoiding big crowds.

The situation is very uncertain though: this is why we are continuing our online lessons.

At the moment is very difficult to predict what is going to happen even in a week time.

There are daily changes and news that affect most people, as well as new rules that apply to various settings.

Educational settings are subject to a specific regulation: please follow this link to read the Government guidance.

These rules might be modified depending on the number of cases in the UK or on possible new outbreaks of the virus.

Another important aspect is related to public transport: considering the feedback received, most students will continue working from home and would not be happy to travel only for their lesson.

Let’s consider some of the rules in place!

Minimising contacts through respecting social distancing (staying 2 metres apart) and avoiding changes in the room setting are particularly relevant for language classes.

These rules mean that students can’t work together at any time, which would have a strong impact on the students’learning experience.

Also, avoiding crowds means regulating access to the classrooms: students would not be allowed on site in groups, which would be very difficult in terms of timing.

Furthermore, at present face masks are not mandatory but might be introduced in schools in the foreseeable future.

Last but not least, if someone among students or staff tests positive for Coronavirus, all the other students and staff need to self-isolate for 14 days and face-to-face lessons have to be suspended.

For all these reasons, we strongly believe that the best thing to do is continuing our online classes.

This will ensure our students and staff safety and allow students to enjoy their lessons working in groups, learning together and having fun without worrying about any single step that they take in a real classroom.

It will be great to keep learning together!

Take care and see you in September!

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