Have you ever used an online language learning platform?

Due to the current situation, most students have experienced some online language learning.

In our experience, the first important step to take is choosing the right platform.

Nowadays there is a wide offer of platforms and tools to make online lessons work perfectly.

This means that it has to allow teachers and students to do exactly what they would do in a face-to-face class.

Zoom makes this possible!

Even though an online platform necessarily influences a language lesson, we believe that Zoom is one of the best to use.

The reason is that its functions make everything possible.

First of all, students can work individually, in pairs, in groups or all together.

Alternating the way they work helps structure the lesson as if we were in a real classroom.

Using the breakout rooms, the teacher can split the class in small groups so that students can share knowledge, compare activities and work together.

The teacher can join groups to help and see how they are doing.

Students can also share their screens and whiteboards if the host allows them to do so: it means that they can complete an activity together or collaborate to write a text.

If students can write on shared files, the lesson is really interactive!

Through the same functions, it is also possible to play games.

As the risk of online language learning might be having a sort of lecture where teachers talk and students listen without taking part in the lesson, having the possibility to plan fun and interactive activities is crucial!

How does this sound?

We find Zoom really great to make a fantastic language learning experience!

Try it and let us know what you think!

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