How has this year of online lessons gone?

After a year of online lessons, on 2 April at 6pm (UK time) we will do a live streaming on our Facebook and Youtube pages to talk about how it’s gone.

At first, moving lessons online in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been really challenging: after one year, we will analyse positive and negative aspects with two of our Italian teachers, who will answer some questions and discuss their online teaching experience.

Most schools had never considered teaching online on a regular basis before, either because of the student’s request or their specific context.

However, all of them had to face this huge change very quickly and start offering the same services online through dedicated platforms.

As teaching online has been the main focus for teachers all around the world, we want to discuss the main difficulties, the impact of this change on teachers and students and the positive side of online learning.

How will the live streaming be like?

Our teachers will talk about this year of online lessons with the school’s director, going through the main topics, the students’reactions and feedbacks, some practical issues and the positive things of teaching/learning from home.

During the streaming all the participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, so it will be an interactive session to compare different experiences and get information from teachers who live and work in different countries.

one year of online lessons


It will be nice to hear about your opinion!

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See you on 2 April at 6pm (UK time)!


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