Taking online Spanish courses is so good!

Despite the tough period and the many restriction in place due to the Covid-19 spike, our online Spanish courses keep going on Zoom!

Our students are very committed to their weekly class and enjoy the time spent learning new contents together.

We have now just finished the 26th week online: it feels a long time since the beginning of this new experience!

If you are wondering why we chose to keep the Autumn term online instead of going back to face-to-face classes, have a look at this article.

So how did our week go?

Our Spanish students have had a very intense week, let’s see what they studied in more detail.

Beginner 2. Describing people and asking questions about someone was the main topic of this lesson: students worked on appearance, personality and tastes of people they know. So interesting!

Elementary 3. Our students learnt useful vocabulary about parts of the body and symptoms and gave advice about specific health problems. Such a good class!

Intermediate 2. A lot of practice about Direct and Indirect pronouns: our students had the opportunity to use these topics through several activities and got very confident with them!

Upper Intermediate 1. The lesson was focused on the Pretérito Imperfecto: students talked about their teens, describing experiences and habits. Well done!

Upper Intermediate 2. The core of our lesson was about comparisons of equality using different structures and expressions. It was a great practice!

And now it’s the perfect time to revise then topics learnt and do some homework.

Our amazing online resources are a great way to do that!

Ready for next class?

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