Happy with your online Spanish language course?

Your online Spanish language course might be even more interesting if you add some extra work!

Spending more time at home during the lockdown is a great chance to find new ways to improve your Spanish: you can experience some online resources, read and listen more and work on vocabulary.

If you feel that growing your vocabulary is one of your goals, adding our word of the week and trying to use it is perfect!

Let’s discover the word “película“!

Película” means “movie”, so it’s a word that we use every day: either if you want to talk about the last movie that you watched or ask someone’s tastes, you will find it extremely useful.

¿Cuál es tu película favorita?” (“What’s your favourite movie?”) is definitely one of the most common questions we ask, so we need to get ready!

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And what would you answer? Here you have some types of movies:

película de drama –> drama movie

película de acción –> action movie

película de ciencia ficción –> science fiction movie

película de terror –> horror movie

película de romance –> romance movie

We bet you are watching quite a lot of movies this time of the year, so learning it will be essential to talk about this topic and feel confident about the vocabulary.

Some examples will help you use it. 

Spanish English
¿Cómo se llama la película que Paulo está viendo? What’s the name of the movie that Paolo is watching?
Esta película es muy buena. Es una película de acción muy famosa. This movie is very good. It’s a very famous action movie.
A los niños les gustan mucho las películas de animación y dibujos animados. Children really like animated films and cartoons.


Well, now you can try to talk about movies with your friends and express your preference!

If you want to learn more, have a look at this page.


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