Do you enjoy some online Spanish learning resources?

Finding some online Spanish learning resources is always a plus! When you find valid resources is a great chance to boost your language skills and improve.

There are many different things that you can do in your free time to practise, such as listening to podcasts or reading something about the last news or topics that are of interest to you.

An important activity to do is obviously expanding your vocabulary as much as possible, learning and using new words!

So learning our word of the week is the perfect think to do today!

Our word of the week is “descanso“!

This word comes from “descansar“, made by the prefix des- and “cansar“, which means “to tire”.

In Spanish “descanso” is a noun and means “rest” or “break”, however it also has another meaning: “relief”.

So we can use it in different contexts and in a number of expressions, for example:

tomar un descanso –> to take a rest

mi día de descanso –> my day off

sin descanso –> tirelessly, without rest

merecido descanso –> well-deserved rest

As it’s a very common word, you will find it really often!

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So let’s see some more examples!

Spanish English
Estoy agotado. ¿Podemos tomarnos un descanso? I’m exhausted. Can we take a rest?
Fue un descanso cuando por fin supimos que estaba bien. It was a relief when finally we found out that he was ok.
Hemos tenido el descanso previsto durante mucho tiempo. We have had the break planned for a long time.


Following these examples, try to make some sentences: use it with the different meanings mentioned above and see how it goes!

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