Taking online Spanish lessons is really fun!

Since we started our online Spanish lessons due to the Coronavirus crisis, we have held our classes on Zoom for 19 weeks!

Swapping from face-to-face to virtual classes is not easy both for students and teachers, however our experience is really great.

Our students are keeping on track with their studies and are happy to take their weekly class from home.

Their progress is really impressive as they are learning a lot of new grammar and vocabulary and regularly practising all together, supported by their teachers.

So let’s see how the 19th week online went!

Beginner 1. Our students learnt how to talk about the weather in Spain and in their country, specifying the season, the average temperature and the specific features. Amazing!

Elementary 2. Talking about food is always nice: our students read an interesting article about the vegan diet and discussed about the vegetarian and vegan diet. Great!

Intermediate 1. The lesson was focused on the use of Direct Object Pronouns in a sentence with two verbs and our students put this topic into practice through many activities in order to get familiar with it!

Intermediate 3. A good revision of Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns and of some irregular verbs in the Simple Past  was the core of this lesson. Well done!

Upper Intermediate 1. Our students worked on verbs that have a different meaning in the Simple Past and in the Imperfect. Very challenging!

So we are ready for the last lesson of the summer term, full of amazing things to learn!

If you want to practise more, have a look at our online resources.

See you soon!