How is your online Spanish tuition going?

If you feel that you would like to add some practice to your regular online Spanish tuition, you are in the right place!

Committing to regular classes is definitely the best way to study a language: only a professional teacher can guide you through and select the suitable material depending on your level, needs and preferences.

However, it’s important to find ways to practise between classes to be as exposed as possible to the Spanish language.

Learning new words to add to your vocabulary is a great activity to do, but careful: instead of memorising many words without using them, it’s better if you learn one new word per week and use it in your everyday conversation.

How can you choose words to learn? Well, wherever you find useful words, pick them up and try to use them: words that you find in a book, in a movie or that you hear while speaking with someone.

make the most of your online spanish tuition

Our word of the week is “libro”!

Coming from the Latin “librum“, this word means “book”: a common and useful word to use every day, either talking with friends or going to a bookshop.

So you can now ask these super common questions:

¿Te gusta leer libros? –> Do you like reading books?

¿Qué tipo de libros te gusta leer? –> What type of books do you like reading?

Let’s go through some examples!

Spanish English
El libro se divide en diez capítulos y dos apéndices. The book is divided into ten chapters and two appendices.
Vanessa está leyendo un libro sobre la historia de Australia. Vanessa is reading a book about the history of Australia.
Toma un buen libro o revista y siéntate a leer afuera. Grab a good book or magazine and sit outside to read.


And what about genres? Have a look at some of them!

Novel –> novela

Historical novel –> novela histórica

Romantic novel –> novela rosa

Biography –> biografía

Science fiction –> ciencia-ficción

Essay –> ensajo

Now you can make your own examples, why don’t you try?


And if you want to learn more, our online resources and video tutorials will help!

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