There are a lot of open bookshops in London!

You probably wandered around to find open bookshops in London to buy something nice to read while at home.

Last Monday, bookshops were allowed to reopen for the first time since the beginning of lockdown in March.

A fantastic news for book lovers!

Finally it’s possible to browse shelves and find something inspiring to take home.

Even if kindles have been a good substitute for a while, if you prefer print books it’s time to go and grab some!

Apart from the big and popular chains, in London there are cute independent bookshops with a good selection of books.

Let’s find the perfect one for you!

Burley Fisher Books in Haggerston is a lovely bookshop and cafè where you can have access to over 4.500 titles.

If you don’t live close by, just email them and they will post books to you.

Dulwich Books is a lovely award-winning library in West Dulwich which has been selling books for around 30 years.

Unfortunately the events they normally host are on hold for now, however they offer storytelling for children on Friday and Saturday morning!

South Kensington Books is specialised in Visual Art, Architecture and Photography, but offers a great variety of History books as well as Poetry, Music and Biography.

It has recently been shortlisted as Indie Bookshop of the year!

Persephone Books, renowned publisher and bookseller in Holborn, offers a range of reprinted fiction and non-fiction mid- twentieth century female writers works.

Goldsboro Books, specialised in hardback signed first edition books, is a fantastic shop for book lovers and collectors in Covent Garden.

On top of a great choice of fiction and non-fiction works, you can find the rare and collectible section, with unique pieces to buy.

Have a look on their websites and enjoy these amazing bookshops!


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