Ordering in a restaurant in Italian is a big challenge!

When you travel to Italy and want to do as Italians do, ordering in a restaurant is one of the essential things you want be able to do without much concern.

Let’s learn some useful phrases to order your food in Italian watching this nice video tutorial!



What do you say when you walk into a restaurant?

Avete un tavolo per due? (Do you have a table for two?)

È libero questo? (Is this table free?)

Then you probably want to ask for a menu.

Posso avere il menù per favore? (Can I have a menu please?)

Then maybe you want to ask for suggestions.

Cosa mi consiglia oggi? (What do you recommend today?)

And then you start with the order.

You can order a starter, antipasto, then you have a first course: it is called primo and 90% of the time is pasta because we are in Italy.

Then you have a secondo, so a main course that is usually meat or fish.

Then you have il dolce, the dessert.

Come antipasto vorrei una caprese. (As a starter I would like a caprese.)

Come primo vorrei le tagliatelle al ragù. (As a main course I would like tagliatelle al ragù.)

Come secondo vorrei il pesce spada. (As a second dish I would like swordfish.)

Come dolce vorrei la panna cotta. (As a dessert I would like panna cotta.)

So what do you say when you ask for the bill?

Mi porta il conto per favore? (Can I have the bill please?)

And if you want to leave a tip:

Tenga il resto. (Keep the change.)



Now you can definitely travel without worrying about ordering in a restaurant!

Ready to order?

And if you want to learn more watching other useful video tutorials. go to our Youtube channel!