Do you know anything about the Orujo Festival?

The Orujo Festival takes place in Potes, a lovely Medieval town in Cantabria, Northern Spain, in the heart of the Picos de Europa: an incredibly beautiful area full of ancient traditions to discover.

This festival is celebrated on the second weekend in November since 1984 and celebrates the liqueur called orujo, whose production in the valleys of Liébana dates back to the Middle Ages: after the harvest, the pomace and grape residue were distilled to produce it, which is still a rooted tradition in the Cantabria region.

For a few years the festival was not celebrated due to the ban on home-made orujo: it restarted in 1991, however there are stricter rules about the spirit production and use of specific tools. Since 2012 it is a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

What to expect from the festival?

The Orujo Festival is a great event to join: visitors can watch the orujo distillation before tasting it through the streets of Potes. The distillation is a traditional process done with the so called “alquitaras”, typical copper stills used in the area.

The Orujero Major plays a very important role during the celebrations: normally is a public figure or a celebrity who is in charge of the proclamation which opens the festival and then takes part in most ceremonies.

Orujo Festival in Cantabria


On the last day there is also a competition between producers to choose the best distillery of the year, which becomes Distillery of Honour: it is selected after a blind tasting to decide which one is the best orujo.

On top of that, during the festival visitors can enjoy music performances , shows and great local food to taste, such as the cocido lebaniego (a typical chickpea stew) some renowned cheeses and the traditional borono, a dessert similar to a black pudding.

Would you enjoy spending a weekend in Potes and take part in this amazing festival?

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