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Paolo Malaguti is a distinguished Italian author who was finalist in a very important Italian literary award, the Premio Campiello 2021, with his novel Se l’acqua ride (literally “If water laughs”).

Born in Veneto, a North-Eastern Italian region, Malaguti clearly brings his roots in his writing: his region, his memories, some lost traditions and the dialect of his area fill the pages of his books and make them unique.

Malaguti wrote several books, everyone with a particular touch.

Sillabario veneto (2011) and Nuovo sillabario veneto (2016) surprise the reader with the story and etymology of some words from the Venetian dialect, thoroughly explained and enriched with a number of anecdotes and personal memories that make every chapter a little treasure.

Another important publication is La reliquia di Costantinopoli (2015), an historical novel set in the 16th century in Constantinople that was candidate to the Premio Strega, a famous Italian book prize.

The last novel, Se l’acqua ride, published by Einaudi in 2020, is the offbeat story of an ancient job and of the end of an era: in the ’60, the boatmen (“barcari“) who used to transport goods in the North of Italy through rivers and canals were replaced by more modern methods of transport. Ganbeto and his family experience this huge transition from the ancient to the modern world, where the education seems to be the only way to escape the destiny.

That’s not all: there are many other outstanding books to read, each one with an unmistakable style and a peculiar story. Have a look at the author’s website to find out more!

What will be our chat about?

During the live streaming we will talk with Paolo Malaguti about his last novel, the most important topics treated in his books and his narrative. We will be happy to hear about the role of literature and the importance of teaching it.

All the participants will have the opportunity to ask some questions and interact with the author!

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See you on the 5th November at 5pm (Italy time)!

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