Have you ever heard about that lovely Italian tradition called Pasquetta?

Pasquetta is the day after Easter (Pasqua) and it is celebrated all around Italy: in the Catholic tradition, Monday after Easter an Angel announced the resurrection of Jesus Christ and for this reason that day is also called “Lunedì dell’Angelo“.

Pasquetta was introduced as a day off from work after the Second World War by the Italian government in order to extend the Easter’s celebration. Traditionally, it is a day to spend with family and friends: the most common way to enjoy it is planning a trip to the countryside and a rich pic-nic with typical dishes and sweets or arrange a nice barbecue in the garden or in equipped areas which lasts all day. However, not everyone spends this day in the countryside: there are also many funny games to take part in throughout the country towns to enjoy the festivity!

Let’s have a look at some lovely celebrations!

Eggs are one of the most important symbols of this day. For example, in a city called Ferentillo a typical game takes place every year: two people, each with an egg, play together and try to break the rival’s egg keeping their own untouched. In the same area there is the traditional collection of eggs to prepare the traditional focacce (a kind of bread made adding different ingredients like cheese, eggs and others).

In a town called Panicale, in Umbria, there is a tradition called “Ruzzolone” (Cheese Roll) which is a proper competition: whole Pecorino cheese rounds are rolled through the town atop the old city walls and the winner gets a big Pecorino as a prize!

In Napoli people eat some very famous specialities: the pastiera, a delicious Easter cake made with boiled wheat, candied fruit and ricotta cheese and the casatiello, a savoury focaccia made with cheese, eggs and salami.

Another common way to spend Pasquetta is taking part in one of the several sagre around Italy: food festivals dedicated to specific products or regional dishes where people can taste fantastic food freshly prepared.

So if you spend Easter Monday in Italy you will definitely have fun! What have you decided to do?

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