Have you ever had Pasta patate e provola in Italy?

Pasta patate e provola is a mouthwatering Italian traditional dish!

To be precise, it comes from the Neapolitan cuisine and is a typical comfort food.

A creamy and tasty dish that you can prepare at home, perfect for the winter.

Let’s see what you need to make Pasta patate e provola for 4 people!

350 g di pasta mista –> 350 g of mixed pasta

500 g di patate –> 500g of potatoes

2 spicchi d’aglio –> 2 cloves of garlic

100g provola affumicata –> smoked provola

1 rametto di rosmarino –> 1 branch of rosemary

2 cucchiai di parmigiano grattugiato –> 2 spoons of grated parmigiano

1l di brodo vegetale –> 1l of vegetable broth

prezzemolo –> parsley

olio extra vergine d’oliva –> extra virgin olive oil

sale –> salt

pepe nero –> black pepper

Ready to make this delicious recipe!

Peel the potatoes and cut them in small dices.

Heat some oil in a pan and let the cloves of garlic brown slowly.

Then add the potatoes and some rosemary, mix and cook for 10 minutes.

Take the garlic and rosemary out and add some vegetable broth and some salt.

When it boils, add the pasta and let it cook in the broth, constantly mixing.

Add some more broth if necessary.

When the pasta is cooked and the broth completely absorbed, switch the heat off, add some pepper and extra virgin olive oil and mix.

Then add the parmigiano, the dices of smoked provola and some chopped parsley and mix well until it becomes very creamy.

Your amazing dish is ready to be served!

Your guests will love it!

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