Are you looking for the best pasta recipes for Christmas?

There are many traditional pasta recipes perfect for a proper Italian Christmas lunch: some are very popular among Italians all over the world, others are more regional and less known but equally delicious!

Normally each region has a local tradition and sometimes different cities in the same region differ for some dishes prepared for Christmas, so you can imagine how many recipes and variations you can find in a handful of kilometres! You have a very wide choice of amazing pasta recipes to cook, from the North to the South.

Let’s discover some of the best!

Agnolotti del plin. A typical stuffed pasta from Piemonte, in Northern Italy: similar to very small ravioli, they are made with fresh pasta stuffed with different types of meat and closed with a pinch (plin in the local dialect). They are served with butter or with a sort of gravy, which results from the meat braising.

Bigoli in salsa. A fantastic pasta recipe from the so called Venetian “poor cuisine”: the bigoli are a typical fresh pasta shape, served in a tasty sauce made with oil, chopped onion and anchovies. Very cheap and incredibly good!

Tortellini. Very typical first course in Emilia Romagna: there are some local variants, however everybody in that region agrees about the choice of this amazing stuffed pasta served in a delicious warm broth for the Christmas lunch.

some lovely pasta recipes for Christmas

Lasagna. One of the most iconic Italian pasta dishes, which is definitely the protagonist of the Christmas lunch in Abruzzo, where you can also find an interesting variant: the lasagna abruzzese is made with crepes instead of pasta sheets, then meat ragù, scamorza, parmigiano end hard boiled eggs.

Orecchiette con cime di rapa. In Puglia, the most common first course for Christmas is this amazing fresh pasta with turnip tops, garlic and chilly. Simple and delicious!

Pasta con le sarde. A classic Sicilian dish made with sardines, anchovies, saffron, raisins, pine nuts and wild fennel: this recipe is full of fantastic flavours and perfect to celebrate Christmas all together!

Which one are you going to prepare this Christmas?

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