Peppe Voltarelli is an incredible Italian musician, a talented artist known for his music, his scenic capacities and his social engagement. Thanks to his music he is the symbol of the Italian immigration abroad: his style is folk-rock, and  you can find a lot of references to the most famous Italian singer-songwriters in his music, from Francesco Guccini to Enzo Jannacci.

Born in Cosenza, 1969, he began the musician career in 1991, founding a band named “Il parto delle Nuvole Pesanti” (“The birth of heavy clouds“). With this band he published 9 albums, then in 2006 he undertook the solo path. Peppe decided not to sell his music to major record companies but to publish his works with indipendent labels, in order not to be chained to consumistic obligations and to make a free artistic choice. His music is intense, biting as the blues, and his lyrics are real and direct. He talks about departures, love and traditions, he talks about something that belongs to every Italian who had been forced to leave his country.

He is also engaged in the theatre and cinema world: he played the main role in “La vera leggenda di Tony Vilar” directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi and he composed its soundtrack. The film talks about the story of an Italian musician emigrated to Argentina, very well known in the 60’s and vanished for many years from the stage. The second participation to a film is in “Fuga dal call center“, directed by Federico Rizzo, in which he plays a supporting role. He joined also the social drama Angolo somma zero, a show that condemns the inhuman conditions of the working class in Apulia.

His social engagement plays a fundamental role in his artistic activity, and that is why he chose to support the campaign against Mafia criminal conspiracy, with the album Duisburg Nantes Praga.

Rita Fabbri