“Perder la cabeza” is a very common and useful Spanish idiom!

When you hear the idiom “perder la cabeza” you might think of different things, but what’s the real meaning? As usual, we refer idiomatic expressions to a number of situations and meanings that don’t correspond to the literal translation.

Using idioms make our language more authentic and gives many shades to what we say, avoiding a plain and colourless language, which would be far from a native speaker!

This idiom will definitely help you: it corresponds to the English “to lose one’s head”, which is used when someone loses control, for example when becomes very angry or upset.

Go through some examples!

Spanish English
Bebí tanto anoche que perdí la cabeza. I drank so much last night that I lost my head.
Fernando ha perdido la cabeza por María. Fernando lost his head for María.
Cuando me insultó, perdí la cabeza. When he insulted me, I lost control.


The examples clarify the meaning of this idiom: it can be used when someone gets very angry and loses control (as in the last example), when someone falls in love losing his/her mind (second example) or even when someone loses control in other circumstances (such as in the first example).


Now try to make a sentence and use this expression relating it to a situation where you lost your head! It shoulnd’t be too difficult, you have quite a wide choice of situations to recall!

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