Have you had a chance to try the delicious Peruvian Cuisine?

The Peruvian Cuisine includes as many typical dishes as the Italian or French cuisine.

There are more than 250 soups and 250 traditional desserts to enjoy!

It is a rich and various cuisine and it’s the result of many different influences.

For example, the Andean cuisine is based on potatoes, corn and other tubers, whilst the Criollo one has Spanish influences.

Also, the Chifa cuisine is a mix of Peruvian and Cantonese food and was born where the Cantonese community settled.

What are the most popular dishes?

The ceviche is considered the best Peruvian food: fish marinated in lime juice and spices, such as coriander and chilli.

A dish coming from the Cantonese area is the lomo saltado, soft strips of marinated beef stir fried with onions, tomatoes, aji chillies and other spices and served with rice.

Also, you should try the papas a la huancaína, a typical spicy cheese sauce made with cheese, red pepper, garlic, milk, lime juice and savoury crackers.

If you go in the Andes area, the protagonist is the cuy (Guinea pig), normally served stuffed with herbs and slow roasted on a open wood fire. Delicous!

And have you heard about the Causa?

You can find this dish in many different versions.

However, the Causa Limeña is the most famous: a sort of terrine made with a mash of golden potatoes, a spicy red pepper sauce, lime and oil and a filling made with tuna, chicken or salmon and blended with mayo.

What about desserts?

The Suspiro de Limeña is probably the most famous: a very sweet cream made with eggs, condensed milk, cinnamon and port (or pisco) and served in a small cup or glass.

Try also the alfajores, mouthwatering little sandwich biscuits with dulce de leche as a filling.

And if you have a very sweet tooth, you will love the Tres Leches cake (three milks cake): a sponge cake soaked in three different types of milk and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.

We bet you are totally in love with this amazing cuisine!

Which dish do you want to try first?