Do you want to discover a new corner of Spain far from the most common routes?

The Picos de Europa (literally Peaks of Europe), also called “the Dolomites of Spain“, offer you an incredible experience: a range of mountains in the Autonomous Communities of Asturias, Cantabria and Castile and León, in the North of Spain which offers one of the most incredible scenery in Europe.

As you can imagine, if you reach the peak of the three highest massifs, the landscape is stunning: open meadows, lovely little lakes, huge limestone peaks will make your jaw drop!

So how shall you make the most of your holiday in this fantastic area?

Well, if you like hiking you can walk through the forest and discover hidden unspoiled landscapes: the nature around this area is gorgeous and will reward your tiredness during long paths. You can even do birdwatching and bear-watching, as here you can see the Cantabrian brown bear, a very rare protected specie.

One of the attractions of the Picos is the Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa, accessible by a network of hiking trails. However, the area outside the park is equally beautiful and it is definitely worth exploring it.

If you are in the Park area, the Ruta del Cares (Cares Route), called “The Divine Gorge“, is a recommended experience: a river route 12km long which runs into the National Park and is one of the most breathtaking trails in Europe, entirely carved in the rock.

On the road to Fuente Dé, a small town famous for its cable car, you can visit the Monasterio de Santo Toribio de Liebana, house of the biggest piece of the cross of Christ: christian refugees brought it with them when they fled from the Muslim-occupied part of Spain to Liebana and this holy relic has been preserved there ever since.

Near Potes you should visit the Iglesia de Santa María de Lebeña, a church dated back to the 9th or 10th century and the Casa de las Doñas (House of the Women)the traditional house of the richest family of the town which turned into a museum where everything of the original building is preserved and shows features of the simple daily life in the Picos.

Last but not least, Mogrovejo is a destination you can’t miss: probably the most picturesque village of the area, listed as a site of historic significance for its 16th century houses and its amazing 21 meters high tower built in the late 13th century.

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And now, plan your adventure!