Learning how to say please in Spanish is essential!

Even in very basic conversation is important to know how to say please in Spanish: when you order something in a bar or in a restaurant, when you ask an information or a favour to a friend and in many other daily situations.

Please is one of the words that we learn at the very beginning of every language course!

In Spanish we normally use “por favor”, which is used exactly as the equivalent English word: for example, we add “por favor” when we are asking for something, making any requests.

Here you have some useful examples!

Spanish English
¿Me puede decir dónde está el banco, por favor? Could you tell me where the bank is, please?
Tráigame un vaso de agua, por favor. Please bring me a glass of water.
 ¿Me podría ayudar, por favor? Estoy buscando el supermercado. Could you help me, please? I am looking for the supermarket.


learn how to say please in Spanish


We can also use this expression to reply to someone who is offering us something, for example a glass of water: in this case we can say “Sí, por favor”, which means “Yes, please”.

Very easy, isn’t it? Now you should start using this expression as much as possible when speaking Spanish, either if you travel to a Spanish speaking country or if you can speak the language with friends or family!

If you want to learn more about the Spanish language have a look here and watch our nice video tutorials on Youtube!