Ponerse como un tomate is a lovely Spanish idiom to learn!

Have you ever heard someone using the expression “ponerse como un tomate”?

We found Spanish idioms always very nice and effective, so we believe it is important to learn some of the most common to be able to interact in a very spontaneous way with Spanish speakers.

During our courses, teachers often introduce some Spanish idioms as they go along.

The idiom we are going to learn is something you can say in very common situations.

Let’s see more about it!

The literal translation is “to turn into a tomato”, so “to turn red, to blush”.

In English you would say “to turn as red as a beetroot”, using another expression with food.

If someone gets very embarassed well…this idiom is exactly what you need!

Some examples will help you get more familiar with it!

Spanish English
Cuando recibió las flores en la oficina, ¡se puso como un tomate!” When she received the flowers at the office, she went so red!
La maestra se puso como un tomate cuando se dio cuenta de que tenía la camisa al revés. The teacher turned as red as a beetroot when she realized that her shirt was on backwards.
Se puso rojo como un tomate y ni siquiera se atrevió a mirarme. He blushed and wouldn’t even look at me.


When was the last time that you got very embarassed and turned as red as a beetroot?

Try to recall a specific episode and use this expression in Spanish!

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