“Ponerse morado” is a funny Spanish idiom to learn, have you ever heard it?

If you did, you might wonder what “ponerse morado” means as it’s not easy to catch its meaning. Idioms are a lovely way to describe situations and express ideas that otherwise would not sound the same. That’s why we love them!

Sometimes the translation gives us only a partial idea of the real meaning or it might be far away from it: learning idiomatic expressions is very important to understand our interlocutor and avoid misunderstandings.

In this case, “morado”means “purple”, so the literal meaning would be “to turn purple”: but what does it refer to?

The idiom refers to turning purple when eating a lot, so it’s similar to the English “pig out”, “eat like a horse”: the expression reflects the happiness and satisfaction when you eat well!

Some examples will help you use it!

Spanish English
Ayer me puse morado en casa de mi abuela… ¡Cocina tan bien! Yesterday I ate like a horse at my grandmother’s house… She cooks so well!
Se puso morado en la boda de su hermano. He ate like a horse at his brother’s wedding.
En las fiestas de Navidad siempre me pongo morada. During the Christmas festivities I always eat like a horse.


This expression is really common in a number of situations, have you got a similar one in your language?

And now it’s time to practice: think of a time when you had plenty to eat and thoroughly enjoyed it, write some more examples with this idiom and share them with your friends!

It will be fun and very useful to improve!

If you want to learn more Spanish idioms, have a look at our dedicated Pinterest board! Or, if you are looking for online resources, check this page.


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