Follow our live streaming with Daniela Gambaro, winner of Premio Campiello Opera Prima, on the 3rd December at 6.30pm (Italy time)!

The Premio Campiello Opera Prima is an important book prize established in 2004 by the Campiello Foundation and is assigned to an author at his literary debut.

Many popular Italian authors won it at the very beginning of their career, for example Marco Missiroli, Silvia Avallone, Roberto Andò and many others.

In this case, the book awarded is “Dieci storie quasi vere” (Ten almost true stories) , written by Daniela Gambaro. Her book includes 10 short stories linked by a common theme that the reader finds out going through them.

Each story is written with a magic touch and each character is perfectly described through some peculiar traits: their emotions come up from the pages of the book and make us feel them clearly. Daily situations are made exceptional by the relationship between people, perfectly carved by Gambaro’s pen, which turns each chapter into an “almost true story”.

What are we going to talk about with Daniela Gambaro?

There are many things we would like to ask her about the amazing experience of receiving such an important prize! Also, we are going to talk about her genre’s choice, the main theme which links the ten stories, the characters of the book and much more.

So if you want to hear about all these things, don’t miss our live streaming! You will have the chance to ask Daniela your questions and congratulate with her for this huge achievement!

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Here the full video:


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