It is always good to learn some pub essentials in Spanish!

If you learn some pub essentials in Spanish, it will be beneficial to enjoy your time in Spain.

Going to a pub is one of the real life situations you can experience.

In particular, if you can interact in a daily situation using the Spanish language, your opportunities to meet the locals and have a chat will increase.

You can practice the language and make some new friends!

So if you go to a pub and would like to order, there are some key words and expressions to learn.

This video tutorial is focused on that, let’s watch it!



Hola, una cerveza por favor. –> Hi, can I have a ber please?

Esta es mi cerveza. –> This is my beer.

Este es mi vaso. –> This is my glass.

Está buena. –> It’s good.

Esto no me gusta. –> I don’t like this.

¿Me pones otra cerveza por favor? –> Can I have another beer please?

Y para comer querría unas tapas. –> I’d like some food, I’d like some tapas.

Ese chico es guapo. –> That guy is cute.

Estoy un poco contenta. –> I’m a bit tipsy.

¿Me das tu número de teléfono? –> Can I have your phone number?

Vamos a bailar. –> Let’s go dance.


Now you are ready to go to the pub!

If you want to improve your pronunciation, this video tutorial will help you a lot.

Furthermore, if you repeat after the tutor you can learn the right intonation of each sentence.

At the beginning it is hard, but if you repeat some times it will get easier and easier.

That is really good to sound like a native!

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