“Quedarse de piedra” is a common Spanish idiomatic expression which literally means “to stay like a stone“, so we could translate it as “to be stunned“.

It can be used when someone is so surprised to be unable to react, totally paralyzed.

Here you have some examples to see how to use this expression:

Spanish English
Me quedé de piedra cuando me dijo la historia. I was stunned when he told me the story.
¡Debió de quedarse de piedra! It must have been a shock for him!
Decir que nos quedamos de piedra sería quedarse corto. To say that we were astonished would be an understatement.


A similar Spanish idiomatic expression is “quedarse con la boca abierta” which is also useful to express astonishment and means “to stay with the mouth open“… obviously for the surprise!

Do you know any similar expression in other languages?